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How to Create Simple Responsive Footer Design using HTML and CSS

Hello Coders, In this article we are going to learn how to build responsive footer section using HTML and CSS.

Footers are commonly used in all the websites. Footers are actually used to add information such as contact info, linking to other socials or linking to the pages which are less or more important. Having a footer adds a nice user experience to the Users.

Below I have Provided all the necessary video tutorial as well as complete source code of this project.

Build Responsive Footer with HTML and CSS | Video Tutorial

In the above video tutorial, I have shown how to build simple responsive footer using html and css step by step. This will help you if you are a complete beginner. Hope you watched the video tutorial and build this project.

Build Simple Responsive Footer with HTML and CSS | Source Code

Below I have provided complete html and css source code of this project. You can also download the source code by clicking on the download button at the bottom of this article.

How do I Create Footer section in HTML? HTML Source Code
Create an index.html file. We will be using the icons from the font awesome. Below I have provided the import code of font awesome. Copy the below codes.

How do I design Footer section in CSS? CSS Source Code
Create an styles.css file. Copy the below codes.

Done! You can download the complete source code by clicking on download button below.

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